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Posted by Ernest Schmatolla, the publisher of This is my first attempt at publishing a “blog” or weblog on New York fashion. I take fashion very seriously at, perhaps “toooooo” seriously, so here is a place to let my hair down (what is left of it anyway) and tell my readers what I really think is interesting, funny or just stupid! I have invited about 100 top editors, publicists, designers, and fashion website publishers to contribute to this “blog”, but it remains to be seen just how many of them will make the effort and contribute to this experiment in crass (?) communications!

What has been on my mind lately is how many major fashion sites I find just plain boring or even worse. Tops on my list is, a site that never met a press release it could not rewrite as a major news report; a very ugly site whose publisher Jack Yan

seems to have an overwhelming preoccupation with lady’s underwear, who disses just about everyone important in our industry but God forbid you should say anything negative about any of them, whose publisher never even heard of the name of Grace Mirabella and is proud of it(?); and a site with beautiful artwork contributed by Ruben Toledo but I just can’t help wondering if their daily editorial selections are independent or paid for by advertisers?

Oh, and my choice for this year’s “Webby Award” in fashion is At least what they do is original. Funny how they are not even nominated. Well, that is what’s on my mind for today.



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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