Ready for His Close Up: The Robert Verdi Show

Anyone familiar with television personality Robert Verdi knows that he is one of the fashion world’s most colorful characters. So, when the invitation arrived that read: “You don’t have your own show, but I do. Bring your *** to my premiere,” who could resist? Thus, on Monday night, an array of Verdi’s friends, admirers and the just plain curious crowded into New York’s SVA Theatre to witness his foray into the world of reality TV. Verdi himself opened the evening with an entertaining monologue about how he arrived at this ambitious achievement.

The most refreshing thing about the Robert Verdi Show is that Verdi does not take himself too seriously. Whether it is his managerial style (he summons his staff by shouting “Bitches”), his sexual orientation (he dreams of creating a cereal called “Fruitier Loops”), or his beloved family members (he refers to his four nieces as, “number one, the second one, the blond, and the little one”); Verdi approaches everything tongue in cheek.

During the episodes that were screened at the premiere, Verdi delivered some genuinely funny material and most of the audience was in stitches throughout. No it’s not rocket science, but in the murky waters that fill the gulf of reality TV, it is certainly worth a visit to Robert Verdi’s wacky world.

The Robert Verdi Show, Wednesdays at 10PM (EST) on Logo TV
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-Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb writes about fashion, travel and lifestyle from a New Yorker’s perspective in Better Bets. A self-confessed Instagram addict, her work has also appeared in such publications as Runway Magazine. Follow her at: Instagram: @betterbets Twitter: @betterbetsny tumblr:

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