Revival of the Fittest:

Since many consider me to be a ‘poster child’ for Pucci, (not to mention the fact that all anyone in fashion seems to be talking about these days are revivals, authenticity, vintage inspiration, etc.), I read with interest, the article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, “Pucci’s Back: ‘Mod’ Again? LVMH Tries Reviving a Pillar of 1960’s Style”.

Writer Cecilie Rohwedder took us through the iconic 60 year old house’s history, from it’s first editorial in Harper’s Bazaar (that now famous ski jacket), mentioning tid bits of information like Marilyn Monroe having reportedly been buried in one of her prized Puccis, all the way up to the present- under the tutelage of Christian Lacroix. There were accompanying shots of some of the famed house’s colorful signature prints and patterns.

In general, the tone of the article was positive, citing the ‘good fit’ of Lacroix as head of design (after all, he is a designer known for his love of exuberant prints and colors), as well as the good timing: the pulse of fashion is currently attuned to the 60’s. As Neiman Marcus’s fashion director noted, “This is a good time for Pucci because color is so important in the marketplace right now.” What I couldn’t disagree more with was Ms. Rohwedder’s final observation, “What will happen when fashion’s love affair with color subsides?” Silly girl, when is color EVER not a welcome and joyous element in one’s wardrobe? If fashion has proved anything, it’s that it’s never about just one thing, and the pendulum may swing back and forth- but some things always remain appealing. And let us not forget….when fashion’s palette turns all black (gray, or neutral) that is precisely THE TIME to get out your colorful Puccis. Why would anybody simply want to blend in?



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