Rootstein Mannequins Party

Last Thursday night marked another high moment in the New York fashion scene: the unveiling and exhibit of the world famous British mannequin company Rootstein Mannequins in New York City. This time around, Rootstein has selected British cover girl Agyness Deyn to be the featured model. She follows in a line of famous cover girls used by Rootstein going all the way back to Twiggy.

According to Rootstein Creative Director Kevin Arpino, the choice of Agyness Deyn made perfect sense: “Rootstein has had a long history of predicting the decades most influential visages and we felt that Agyness embodies the look of the first decade of this century. Her style and mannerisms both on and off the runway, as well as her fabulous physique, made her the perfect choice to be immortalized as a mannequin.

The showroom was clad with replicas of Agyness Deyn sporting outfits that highlighted the actual trends in fashion: Doc Martins candy colored shoes were used and it resulted in an odd but fascinating look. Nothing like a pair of pink Doc Martens shoes combined with a neon colored feathered vest and metallic looking pink pants to rethink many notions about fashion style rules. Along with brightly colored outfits, black ones were also prevalent, as was lace, decidedly the most important new trend of the upcoming season.

Platforms were set to display some of the mannequins that, at times, seemed to have a life of their own. They were displayed high and low, some on pedestals, others in neon framed open boxes that matched the color of their outfits. Some of them were dressed in all over black and were either seated or standing, resulting in a strange and beautiful display. Most of the standing mannequins held a neon colored tube or some sort of spear. It made for a very alluring atmosphere, something that was at the same time dark and bright.

MAO Public Relations produced this very well-attended opening party in Chelsea that saw many coming to admire the display of elaborately dressed mannequins set against a very dark and black background (estimated crowd of about 500). Guests were invited to wear plastic rings that flashed intermittent colored lights at the press of a button. With all these rings flashing, it brought a novel twist that helped set a fun and whimsical tone to an already different-from-the-usual party.

Seen at the party were fashion designers John Bartlett, Stephen Burrows, and Bill Dugan (who worked many years with Halston). Of course the downtown divas from Paper Magazine were also there, as well as a reporter from The New Yorker. Diversity and creativity was the modus operandi of the night with this crowd. Overall, the beautiful, interesting and creatively dressed people that were present were as much a part of the decor as the displayed mannequins.

-Muriel Genny-Triffaut



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