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There was a “big deal” at Saks Fifth Avenue last night with a party celebrating the launch of The Night Life Guide Jhane Barnes Fall 2005 Collection photographed by Patrick McMullan. When we arrived there were TV trucks parked near the store and Mr. McMullan was busy outside the entrance greeting and shooting friends as they came in.

The crowd was easily over 500 mostly 20 something-year-olds dressed in everything from t-shirts and jeans to a few in evening dresses and suits. It sort of looked like a gathering of the bridge and tunnel kids meeting the Manhattan hipsters. One thing for sure, this was not a fashion crowd. But Mr. McMullan can call a lot of people his friends these days. His star seem to be rising faster than a balloon over Central Park the past year or so and his celebrity status seems now assured.

So who we did see in this crowd that we knew? Hmmm good question; but there are always a few who find there way to most parties. The ubiquitous “Mr. Mickey” the fashion editor of Paper Mag was spotted and the well known model “Carmen” drew lots of attention from the photographers at the event (must say she still looks great). The one person we did not see was Lauren Ezersky. She is usually a fixture at every fashion event, party, launch, or fashion freebie in New York.

And of course no event would be complete with out the presence of that bon vivant, man-about-town and premiere New York dandy Patrick McDonald! Otherwise, there were very few other fashionistas this reviewer recognized. However, we did see the usual group of party crashers and plastic surgeons who have, for years now, appeared at so many events they actually seem to belong!

Some of the comments from a few of the guests we spoke to were interesting. The “fashion editor” of a college newspaper asked me who was Patrick McMullan and confided she had attended many of the top fashion shows last year just by walking into the events and sitting herself down in the front row. I spoke to a number of other random party goers and asked them who Jhane Barnes was and in response got mostly blank stares. To be honest, I did not know what she looked like either. In fact, I thought Jhane was a man’s name. Pretty funny way to spell Jane. I had to ask Patrick to point her out to me.

Best part of the evening was the food. For one of the few times in memory an event this large was catered with some really filling food. The wrapped sandwiches were especially delicious and there were plenty of them. There was a DJ and the bar was well stocked but ran out of white wine half way through the evening. And of course Saks is a great venue for a party. The store is as beautiful as ever…

-Ernest Schmatolla



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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