Sean John Revving Up for the Big Time

(New York, January 24, 2007) In his first stab at fashion accessory licensing, Sean John, aka Puff Daddy, America’s biggest rap mogul, is revving up for the big time in fashion retail. For a start, he maintains the PR company, Paul Wilmot Communications, to handle the press preview launch of his eyewear line. Cocktails at 1710 Broadway was very tame with the PR reps efficiently answering questions; focus was on the design and wearability of Sean John eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

Designed for comfort, durability and functionality, the Sean Jean Spring 2007 Collection line of ophthalmics and sunwear is fashionable, light and accentuated with interesting details. The styles and shapes are universal, contoured to fit any facial structure. The newest technology was used in making the frames lightweight with practical elements like bendable handles and adjustable nose supports. Most noticeable are the many different versions of the logo, which was prevalent; they were in embedded studs, debossed, etched or lasered into the lens. This is probably a resonance of Sean John’s many personalities and careers or the many names we have come to know him by (P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean John Combs). The designer’s love of automobiles is reflected in the details of the some styles pictured below.

The 52 piece collection had 2 stories based on a theme of dynamism: a modern look with soft sculpted shapes and a classic look which was sleek but fluid. Dual colorations and luxurious treatments like the earth tones and wood effects give the eyewear line a sensual and sophisticated allure. In the sunwear line, there are 31 styles to choose from (14 for men, 11 for women, 6 unisex), priced from $125-195. There are also 21 optical styles (13 for men, 13 for women and 3 unisex) ranging from $150-200. All 52 styles are available in 3 to 5 colors to match different skin tones. The line will be in 1300 major stores across the country in March 2007.

Robert Schienberg, Senior Vice President of Global Communications & Advertising of Marchon, (eyewear makers and distributors for Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Fendi, Nautica, Coach), stated that Sean John was ‘hands on” in the creation of the line. True to his reputation as an astute workhorse and jack-of-all-trades, Sean John Combs was involved in endless meetings of proportion and style selection for the year and a half that it took to design the whole collection. When asked who the line was designed for, Mr. Schienberg said, “Sean John designed a lifestyle. He designed for the everyday person who goes to work, to a party, to the beach, etc.” After launching a menswear line in 1998 and women’s clothing line in 2003 and receiving various fashion awards, Sean John is successful in warming up the engines in his first try at fashion accessory design. He is on his way to claim his piece of the fashion licensing business.

The real test is when you ask the models if they love the sunglasses they are modeling. In this case, the models were enthusiastically quick to point out their personal favorites. Guests were treated to a fitting session where they could chose a style and walk out with their choice, wrapped in a neat brown suede pouch. Leaving the Sean John headquarters on Broadway and 54 Street at night, even if I put my newly acquired sunglasses on, it is hard not to see the glare of his celebrity because Sean John’s picture with his signature look of dark glasses is auspiciously on the Jumbo Teletron at Times Square.

-Anna Bayle



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