See Thru Bags: A Clear & Present Danger

_Kaley-Cuoco-Sweetings  with Vince Camuto purse

Does Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting have a new gig working in a department store is the question I asked myself after seeing her on the red carpet the other night at her movie premiere for her new film “Authors Anonymous” in LA.  Capital One would not have to ask the question “What’s in your wallet?” as there wasn’t one  or even a “contents  anonymous” to her see-through Vince Camuto clutch bag;  bringing to mind a Bloomingdale’s salesperson going on break.

Christian Louboutin

Remember those clear pouches that store employees were required to use in lieu of their verboten purses? (In the interest of “full disclosure” (ha) the clear bag had a textured blue trim that matched her shoes so it did make some sartorial sense). I can see ” clearly” now that this trend has a unique purpose. Last fall the NFL instituted a law against bags being brought in to stadiums (including handbags) unless they were of the clear variety. Major League Baseball is planning to implement the same law in 2015 and I’m sure many concert venues and arenas will sit up and take notice.

Charlotte Olympia Perspex Clutch

What’s a stylish woman to do if you don’t care to tote your goodies around in an NFL tote emblazoned with a team name on it or a standard fare beach bag?  Luckily there are some very interesting options at every price point and degree of formality.  At the high end, I have long admired the Charlotte Olympia Perspex clutches which do come along with a variety of decorative pouches so that the items in your purse can remain a mystery (ranging from $995 to around $1,500).

Simone Rocha purse

Simone Rocha makes a lovely transparent purse ($1,485) available on Farfetch with a shoulder strap as well as one by Christian Louboutin which is jeweled and features hot pink trim ($995 at Saks).

Furla croc-pring top handle bag

In a more affordable price range, there is the Jil Sander minimalist clutch with black or turquoise leather trim ($280 at Net-a-Porter), the Furla croc-print top handle bag ($298), a Zac Posen black tinted carryall bag ($595 at Shopbop) as well as a Golden Lane Beach Vinyl petite duffle ($627, also at Shopbop).

Juicy Couture Minaudiere

If you’d like to keep it under $200, and since we’re talking PVC plastic or lucite that’s really enough to spend, then there’s the Rebecca Minkoff mini Mac in a clear or tinted pink version and on sale at Bloomingdales for $115, a Juicy Couture Minaudiere for $148 (now 40% off), a black lace option from Modcloth called “Cool Clear Night” (on sale for $29.99) or a heart shaped chain bag from Nasty Gal ($40).

Alexander McQueen studded Perspex

Okay, so you’ve got your clear purse now how do you load it? The answer: very carefully. The Big Bang star had several $20 bills, an Amex gold card, a hot pink lip gloss and a driver’s license visible in hers.  Certainly you want to be careful not to reenact a scene from 1987’s “Broadcast News” in which Holly Hunter leaves the White House Correspondents dinner when she sees that security is checking the contents of women’s purses and she doesn’t want her date William Hurt to see that she is packing condoms.  (Fun fact:  I recently spotted the dress she wore at a vintage show last month at the Metropolitan Pavillion and called it even before I saw the index card identifying it)!  Also, if anyone asks to borrow a twenty you can’t lie by saying you don’t have one! Got that Uncle Sam?

So much for transparency!

The Daily Bet – by Rhonda Erb
Thalé Blanc Flutter of Hope Clutch
Designer Deborah Sawaf created this bag
to support children’s cancer research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles The
hospital receives 20% of the proceeds from the collection. The plexiglass bag
is engraved with 3D brass butterflies and lined with vegan friendly
Available at:

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