Bill Cunningham’s Favorite Muses

She Makes Us Proud!

There is no doubt our editor Marilyn Kirschner is one of New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham’s favorite muses. He devoted an entire column to her several years back during fashion week view column here. Once again, she is being featured in his ‘On The Street column’ titled this week “In the Swirl” in the Style Section of today’s Sunday New York Times with two photos – one of which being the central photo of the spread. She makes us proud!

We are looking forward to seeing what she will wear Monday night to the CFDA Awards cocktail party. We will have her picture and a report on what those other top editors will be wearing online Tuesday.



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  2. What’s gives with all the emails? It appears someone is sending emails to everyone on your list of subscribers. I have not opened any, but do see the beginnings of them in my window.

    Are you aware of this happening? Please investigate.

  3. I have to agree. Less is more, and these outfits look like fever dreams.

  4. Marilyn’s clothing is truly ugly, at least in this set of photos. Much too cluttered, like she’s just thrown everything together in the dark. Perhaps the photographer is obsessed with her.

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