Thank you for posting a note Christine…

Thank you for posting a note Christine! I just got from Deborah the last issue of the Fashion Calendar published before the New York shows. It is over 16 pages long! There must be over 150 shows and other related events going on beginning the end of this week. We at lookonline are pretty well set for this season. I cannot tell you how proud I am of having both Marilyn Kirschner and Bernadine Morris cover the New York shows for the site. They are certainly the equal in knowledge and experience of any other two editors no matter who they are! Of course having good editors does not mean we get invited to every event. However, suprise of all surprises this season we finally got invites for Ralph Lauren’s show – after being told last year by their PR department that “no one who works for Ernest Schmatolla will be allowed in”. It seems I wrote and said some mean and nasty things about RL’s public relations people past rude treatment of Marilyn and they took what I said very seriously. Unfortunately, we have not received any invite to the NY Post Fashion Party. I so looked forward to meeting Jared Stern and his twin brother(?) Paolo Zampolli. Nadine Johnson continues to exclude us from her A-List. I guess she is afraid that if we were invited we would dilute the A-List gene pool. But we should not be too hard on Nadine, afterall she must still be in mourning over the closing of Talk Magazine – and it means certainly that hubby Richard is going to have to work harder to find other things to “talk” about in his column.



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