Thank you Paul Wilmot!

After we faxed a rant over to Stormy Stokes and Paul Wilmot of Paul Wilmot Communications for their continuing blacklisting our editors from attending any of their clients’ events guess what those two “sweethearts” did for us? Instead of answering our complaint they forwarded our fax to WWD in an obvious attempt to embarrass us. WWD ran in this weekend’s special show edition “Fashion Scoops” on page 15 the following item. You be the judge as to why it puts a smile on our faces!


the publisher of the fashion news web site, apparently doesn’t care anymore that you can catch more flies (and flacks) with honey rather than vinegar. He uncorked a whole bottle of the later on Thursday, firing off a fax to Paul Wilmot complaining about he and his site’s editors are being excluded from this week’s Wilmot produced fashion shows.

“Paul Wilmot and Pierre Rougier are the only two agencies we are currently having problems with getting access to their client’s shows” he wrote. ” Perhaps there is something more in common with the two of them than just blacklisting us. It might make a good story for our email newsletter to 1,300 fashion editors, writers, retailers, and designers after the shows. A good title might be “The Two Worst P.R. Firms” in New York. Everyone agrees about Rougier, but Paul Wilmot, for us at least, is a close second. As a matter of fact you can bet on that article going out.”

Schmatolla lamented to WWD that “getting into the show, sometimes has little to do with what your credentials are; the stylist’s boyfriend gets in, but if you’re a real member of the press, you don’t.” While he doesn’t take back his vitriol, he would like to give a shout out to his two favorite firms, KCD and LaForce & Stevens. (Which means he’s set with them for next season.)



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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