The New, Never Leave Home Without It, Status Symbol

As more and more Covid vaccines roll out, and as more and more of the world population becomes vaccinated, people across the globe are looking forward to better days ahead; returning back to an enjoyable life, meaning open, unrestricted dining, entertainment, special events and parties, Theatre, Museums, travel, business, etc.

But, with all of this comes a definitive need for a fast, safe, effective way to show proof of vaccination, as many venues –airlines and the like – are getting back to business and are now requiring, albeit demanding, solid proof of immunization.

OK, all well and good. But, the question still remains; what type of vaccination passbook will be really desirable to those Chanel, Gucci, Hemes, Prada, Zegna, Versace, Ralph Lauren aficionados; the haute couture women and men who demand only the very best of everything (clothing, accessories, Passbooks, et al.)

Isaac Daniel
Photo: World Health Access

One man may have the answer. Isaac Daniel, the CEO, World Health Access, a subsidiary of International Health and Wellness, LLC, has a sharp eye honed on helping the world smoothly move forward through the pandemic and return to a life of enjoyment and convenience via his creation and development of the safe, secure, good looking, VAX Passbook eVaccine/eVaccination (VAX Passport), available for purchase at, .

Daniel says that the VAX Passbook is the first-ever COVID vaccination verification passbook, offering patented technology and service to provide a quick, effective, simple way for people to show concrete proof of all Covid vaccination records, including a chronological history of testing, along with confirmation of all tests which the person has received, in both hard copy and electronic formats.

The VAX Passport is simple, safe, and private whereby personal information is culled from a Driver’s License, along with current and accurate vaccination records (which vaccine was received, insurance company of record upon receiving the vaccine, etc.), allowing travelers more freedom of movement across borders by potentially bypassing travel restrictions like testing or quarantine requirements upon arrival, and where only authorized users are able to access all of the information through our signature and patented technology, which is available on both the hard copy and electronic versions.

According to Daniel, “The company is partnered with Europe to have the EU green certificate, which is extremely important as an American company, in terms of showcasing our credibility and the fact that the VAX Passbook is recognized both domestically and internationally as such a valuable and significant tool for helping to bring the world and its people back to speed.”

In certain circumstances, the person may not want to use the hard copy Passbook, so, the electronic version, showing all of the same information, can be used worldwide, via a quick, registered, secure, call-up app on the Mobile phone, which can easily and privately, be called in from the passport

He also says that with all of the built-in, across the board, high tech, and safety qualities, the VAX Passbook is equally beautiful and upscale; stylish, chic; fashionable, covetable. So, could the VAX Passport replace the Hermes Birkin bag as the new, never leave home without it, status symbol? Maybe so, because keeping in mind that many high-end women and men alike are soon going to be traveling internationally, attending lots of high profile, celebrity, charity, fashion, social events; dining in fine restaurants et al., seems plausible for this group to demand and want to own, the most upscale and exclusive ways and means, such as the VAX Passbook, no doubt – as possibly an au courant, chic way, to prove their vaccination status.

VAX Passbook, produced in Germany, features a genuine, royal navy-blue leather cover embellished with gold or silver embossed lettering. The inside design incorporates equally special features – Invisible inks, RCM (Reel Code Media) technology, and a micro-chip, to provide the owner with the highest level of information security, providing confidence and security that the Passbook can never be counterfeited or forged.

Focusing on the Passbook’s fashion factor, Daniel explains, “It is possible that we could launch various international Passbooks in the colors of the county’s flag, for instance, or possibly, book-covers with different designs, embellishments, colors, materials, etc.; anything is possible, depending upon the needs, wishes of the customer.”

He explains that the Passbook is as easily at home and just as appealing for purchase on the website as any upscale boutique or fine specialty shop, a la Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Zegna, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and the like. “I can certainly see the appeal of the Passbook as an authentic status symbol to the haute couture, first/business class woman or man, who demands only the very best of everything; desires that ultimate, essential travel accessory.” For Daniel, this is the group carrying an Hermes Birkin bag, for example; now, wanting to have the VAX Passbook as that Hermes Birkin bag; will not leave home without it.

“Let’s face it, there are those travelers who could go to the airport or get on a train naked; with nothing, and the Passbook is going to work perfectly for these people. But, for those who want nothing but the best, wearing Chanel or Dior or Zegna or Hermes, the Passbook has a definite appeal. Whether we are addressing the upper echelon, status symbol customer, or the average citizen, the main point is that I have designed and created the Passbook for the primary cause of allowing all people to have the chance to once again travel freely, work, earn a living, enjoy life with a stronger sense of relief and normalcy.” – Isaac Daniel

Asked about how he views the Passbook as the convergence of technology and fashion, Daniel explains that wearable technology has become an established product category. Luxury-tech accessories like this are not gimmicky gadgets; instead, they are products that actually improve the quality of our lives. In this case, holding the VAX Passbook reopens a multitude of ‘doors,’ meaning that the Passbook is suitable for a clientele who appreciates and wants technologically advanced, functional items, which are, at the same time, elegant, exclusive, beautifully designed, and stylish.

Yue-Sai Kan
Photo: Fadil Berisha

Further to the story, we sat down with Yue-Sai Kan, Emmy-winning television host and producer, successful entrepreneur, fashion icon, bestselling author, and humanitarian – People magazine called her “the most famous woman in China,” and Time magazine proclaimed her “the Queen of the Middle Kingdom.”-to get her take on the VAX Passbook.

Kan firmly feels that this mode of showing vaccination proof is “definitely something we all need for safety and getting back to living life again.” She proves her point by stating that she recently hosted a fundraiser for NYC-Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang at her home and that all invited guests needed to show proof of vaccination at the door.

“All types of events should have something like the Passbook for proving vaccination status. The time is right because hard copy and cellphone access make for a proper, easy-to-use way to prove that a person has been vaccinated. Further, anywhere in China, people must show proof of vaccination, and I do think that this type of Passbook, which must be updatable, of course, to maintain current vaccination information, is legitimate and correct, not just in China but all over the world.”

As for the fashion aspect, Kan agrees that style, beauty, couture all need to mesh well with utilitarian and technology platforms. “I love a strong red color, so, of course, this would be my choice; I would like to see different types of fine leathers, exotic skins, beautiful silk, embellishments, embroidery; lightweight is most important because I want something which will fit easily into my evening bag. As for a case, Kan says that while this is not primary for her, she would consider a case with special embellishments, fancy jewels, and the like.

When queried on how she feels about showing proof of vaccination becoming the new velvet rope and whether the novelty will last, Kan explains, “look, this is not a novelty; everything will need proof; VAX Passbook is some kind of way to do this. Covid is not going away; Asia is having new strains of the virus all of the time. But, no matter what, for me, health has always been the new cool, so, I do believe in showing proof of vaccination, and if we can have a reliable, safe, fashionable way of doing so, wonderful.”

Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg

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