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The Real “SAG” Awards

Gwynth Paltrow sagging is Alexander McQueen at 2002 Oscars

The 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), where actors honor other actors for their good work, aired on Saturday night. I have to admit that the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word SAG, is sagging breasts. Which are coincidentally symbolic of Hollywood, the Awards season thus far, and in retrospect, probably every award season, because of the actresses’ penchant for dangerously plunging necklines, deep v’s, and low cut dresses (not to mention their love affair with sheer and see thru materials that leave little or nothing to the imagination). All which practically ensure that breasts, many unfortunately saggy and droopy, will be on display.

Heidi Klum

And while this is something normally associated with old age, two glaring examples can easily put the age issue to rest. How could anyone forget Gwyneth Paltrow’s major misstep back in 2002 when she showed up at the Oscars in a sheer Alexander McQueen? Her saggy breasts landed her on many Worst Dressed lists that year and she finally admitted she should have worn a bra. In any case, Ms. Paltow was only 30 at the time. And last year, bodacious Heidi Klum (39 at the time) arrived at the Oscars with her ‘Golden Globes’ in full view.

Michele Dockery

Well, I didn’t take note of any droopy, saggy breasts last night (on second thought, there was Michele Dockery in plunge front black and white J. Mendel), and there were few major fashion faux pas to make note of (Mariah Carey looked better suited for a “Madonna concert” in her black mini and black fishnets, in the word of one critic, and I’m not sure I get Emma Thompson’s strange choice of flat Christian Louboutin ‘beach’ sandals). For the most part, everyone looked pretty good and did their own thing. If there was one overall trend, it was that it seemed like one big ‘rainbow coalition’ with many gals opting for solid dresses in strong colors (many of them jewel toned), eschewing fussy shapes and busy prints and patterns.

Camila Alves

There was Sandra Bullock in shimmery green metallic Lanvin (Joe Zee described it as “gorgeous gift wrapping”); Julia Roberts in a v neck fuchsia wide legged jumpsuit (it was a bit too 70’s for my taste); Camila Alves in a brilliant canary yellow satin vintage Donna Karan gown; Amy Adams in sapphire blue with arresting cutouts; and a very pregnant Kerry Washington dared to show off her bulging belly in a Schiaparelli pink beaded crop top and full black satin skirt by Miuccia Prada (“I’m not one to follow rules. Let’s have fun in fashion” she said).

Lupita Nyong’o

And once again, Kenya born, Yale educated Lupita Nyong’o is proving herself to be not only a formidable actress, but a major fashion star. She has a knack of choosing statement making dresses that look amazing on her but don’t take away from her. Not an easy feat. Last night, she looked sensational in custom made Gucci cerulean blue with a floral embellished top (why don’t more stars understand the importance of having interest at the top? It certainly makes for a great photo op).

Jennifer Lawrence

As for Jennifer Lawrence, who loves strapless, she looked great, and it was quite an improvement from the Golden Globes. Her dark purple beaded form fitting strapless Dior Couture gown was in fact so fitted, she admitted, “I feel like I’m squeezing my breath into my armpits”. And while I didn’t really love Cate Blanchett’s pale pink Givenchy halter gown (it had an unfortunately distracting front piece and not many others could pull it off), that is SO beside the point. Her choices are always interesting and informed. And she is terrific looking, so talented, and has such presence, that it really does not matter what she wears.

Cate Blanchett

By the way, speaking of sagging and aging, the one ongoing trend this awards season, which was also very apparent last night, is for the over 40 ( 50, 60, 70, and 80) set to be awarded the highest accolades and literally steal the show. It’s not just about the spring chickens nowadays. Just think about the impressive list of nominees in major categories across the board this year. Cate Blanchett (44), Julia Roberts (46), Sandra Bullock (49), Emma Thompson (54), Meryl Streep (64), Helen Mirren (68), Judy Dench (79), June Squib (84), and last but not least, Rita Moreno.

Rita Moreno

The fabulous 82 year ‘young’ actress, dancer, and singer, received the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award last night. Not only did she look great, she did it without professional hair and makeup, OR a stylist. With an  un- Botoxed face and naturally gray short hair, she arrived in her OWN (imagine that!) hip cool studded leather jacket worn over a long lean black gown printed with Asian inspired flowers (“I’m the only woman who paid for her own gown. I haven’t worn designer clothes for ages” she said). And appropriately, hers was possibly the coolest acceptance speech (or should I say, performance), I’ve heard in a long time.

– Marilyn Kirschner

Mature Women of SAG Are Flashy and “Quite Perky”

Coromandel screen

This past week I was visiting my family house in suburban Pennsylvania where I spent my high school and college years.  My father and step-mother avidly collected French furniture and antiques, only surrounding themselves with the best of the best.  While my taste in home décor lies firmly in the clean lines of modern, I always appreciated the beauty and drama of certain pieces, especially Chinese lacquer; my favorite being the Coromandel screen.  How fitting for me to return, tune into the Screen Actors Guild awards and be reminded of that from whence I came.

Oscar de la Renta for Fall 2013

The coromandel screen has been alluded to in the designs of Mary Katrantzhou for Fall/Winter 2011-12 and in Oscar de la Renta for Fall 2013 and of course, black and gold are a classic palette. I loved seeing this combination on the ladies over 50 on the red carpet.  My absolute pick of the evening goes to EGOT’s (EMMY, GRAMMY, OSCAR, TONY) winner Rita Moreno who at 82 is just “beginning the third act” of her life.  She walked up to the stage to claim her Lifetime Achievement Award after being introduced by her “old friend” Morgan Freeman, danced a victory lap (no kidding), dropped an F-bomb which the censors caught (the “man with the button” as she called it) and flirted with Jeremy (Renner) and Brad (Pitt) during the course of her speech which included her singing with a still clear voice.  Not only that but her outfit was the star of the show! Love that she’s rocking the studded Herve Leger motorcycle jacket over her low cut “Coromandel screen” type gown. Ah-ma-zing!  Way more interesting than some of the younger women in their yawn-worthy attire!

Helen Mirren

Also turning it out was Helen Mirren, who at 68 declared that she was not feeling a bit SAG-gy and was actually “quite perky.”  It showed as she brought it with a win in her category as well as a winning look in long sleeved and full skirted black and gold Escada.  Her hair, makeup and jewelry (love the earrings!) also win kudos in my book.

Emma Thompson

Even Emma Thompson (54) wearing her Louboutin gold flat sandals after her “bloodied feet” episode from her Louboutin stilettos last week at the Golden Globes was turned out in a similar theme.  Her vintage William dress was adorned with a large bird with gold beaded tail feathers going over one shoulder reminiscent of a Coromandel screen detail.

There were a few younger women who shared the love of black and gold including Katrina Bowden from “30 Rock” in Badgely Mischka and Betsy Brandt from “Breaking Bad” in Alice + Olivia looking good but they need to ripen.  It takes time to be able to look as good as the over 50 ladies!

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