There has been a cut-back in the number of fashion related websites and…

There has been a cut-back in the number of fashion related websites and others who were allowed to register with 7thonSixth this season. We have heard reports that checks were sent back to those sites who were not on the accepted press list. Of course being on the 7thonSixth press list does not get you into any major show. In fact one has to wonder just what do you get for the $30 fee to begin with? As just about everybody knows the major designers work from their own invitations lists and use the 7thonSixth list basically as reference. For the smaller shows and lesser known designers anxious to fill their seats the 7thonsixth list is used as a one of the factors in determining who gets invitations. However it must be said that Fern Mallis has found a way to bruise egos with this heavy handed approach. It is bad enough that more and more of the out-of-town press no longer feel welcome at the shows as they see their seats being occupied by a growing collection of socialites, Eurotrash, hangers-on and “connected” thrill seekers whose only purpose for being at the shows is for there entertainment value.



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