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Bags have proven to be one of the most consistently successful accessory categories to date, and the artistic, creative, and ever imaginative Patricia Jacobs has come up with a fabulous idea: personalized tote bags with a sense of humor: tongue in cheek renditions of the ubiquitous ‘must have’ bags of the season. The idea was born “one rainy Sunday afternoon” when as she put it, she “tried to think of ways to carry excess stuff around.” And because PJ likes to “paint on anything I put my hands on”, she found a way to hand paint cotton tote bags.

How can customers get them (and have them personalized)? Send her a clear photo, jpeg, or description/model name of your favorite bag, your background color preference (or none, if you prefer), and she will hand-paint it with acrylics on a natural untreated cotton canvas tote bag.

The bags will come in two sizes:

Small–14″x16″x3″ (“for their spare shoes and whatnot”, $90);

Large (her favorite size): 15.5″x19″x5″ (“for the rest of their lives”, $100).

Both will have straps long enough to go over the shoulders. Shipping/handling is $12.

PS: Pat is also working her similar magic on another big category: trenchcoats. She has a group of “hand-painted revisited” trench coats that she’s “Pollocked” with splashes of paint, SO fabulous, she claims, “I wore mine the other day and a fashionista dude threatened to take it from me.” They’re $250, or $150 if someone wants her to paint their own. They are being offered in a variety of sizes and trench styles, and though she’s been doing them in brown, gold, white and black splatters to keep it neutral, other color combos are available.

You can email her at Pjcobbs1@aol.com (this is the correct email address) for more information.

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