“Would You Like A Side of Fries With That Moschino?”

Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott, Anna Dello Russo

If Jeremy Scott were Franco Moschino’s son he could not have been a better design disciple.  Scott, a former intern, took over as chief designer just last October and debuted his first collection at Milan Fashion Week to both cheers and jeers. Only a week old, it is already well recognized for its, shall we say, less than high-brow influences of McDonald’s, Spongebob, Budweiser, Hershey’s, popcorn, jujubes and other brands” one must normally go to a bowling alley, (“Arthur” reference) to find.”

Moschino finale

This fast food allusion has become “Fast Fashion” as the looks from the Runway Capsule Collection (or what I’m calling “McSchino’s”) are not only already gracing magazine covers (Rita Oro in Hong Kong magazine “Ketchup”) but are also available for sale on Moschino.com and will be available at Opening Ceremony and on their website this week. Luisaviaroma.com has a handbag giveaway of a “McChanel” bag featured online (retail price $1,265) and Anna Dello Russo was photographed “hand to toe” in the “Moschi D’s” look (she took a front-row selfie with the french fry iPhone case( $85) however her head was encased in a feathered headdress, possibly from one of Scott’s eponymous collections.(Oddly enough, I recently saw a guy wearing a pair of Jeremy Scott’s winged tennies that he did for Adidas, which I took photos of at the Gnossem event).

Golden Arches meets Chanel

“For me, one of the key elements of Moschino is humor,” Scott has said. “It’s one of the few houses that has humour and it’s the same thing for me.  Another one of the bonding elements is their written messages that express thought and twist ideas. We share an obsession with poking fun at fashion.” This enjoyment of word play and whimsy is abundantly clear upon first view of the entire collection. It’s Target’s Halloween costume aisle meets Andy Warhol by way of Project Runway’s unconventional challenge with a wave from Coco Chanel and vintage Moschino all rolled into one. Clearly the” hungry for the next big thing Hollywood Hip” that its intended for have an appetite “gobbling it up” faster than you can order a Big Mac. That includes Miley, RiRi, Pixie Geldof, Nicky Hilton, and Katy Perry (who supposedly held up the Milan runway show, arriving late and in an ill-fitting black and gold leather Moschino get-up).

Less literal Spongebob fur is wearable

Some of the pieces in the full collection are actually quite wearable including the opening look of the “Golden Arches” colored red and yellow “Chanel” suit and the cow print skirt suit or dress and jacket however the “happy meal” bag may be too much. Ditto the gold lettering on the back of the cow print jacket reading “Cash Cow” but these are, of course, the suggestions of “messages” that Scott was mentioning and something inherently “Moschino.” It remains to be seen who, if anyone, of the general buying public will step out in these clothes but those who like to call attention to themselves with their attire will no doubt take more than a “drive-through” look at the Moschino line.

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