Dooney & Bourke Fall 2008 Press Preview

The Leopard Collection

Dooney & Bourke is currently showing the new Fall collection and it
is quite a show. Founded in 1975 in Norwalk, Connecticut by Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke, the company has somewhat slowly and surely evolved
in its creative expression to finally blossom and have a beautiful,
appealing to many ages, and quite affordable collection. That is a
remarkable feat.

Dooney & Bourke has chosen high quality and high end leather
(Selleria Boldrini, located in Tuscany, Italy, dyes and makes the
leather bags). The result is so pleasing to the eye, the products so
diversified and all beautiful, being at the preview was a real

Cavallingo Collection: Framed Buckle Traveler

Mr. Peter Dooney is the one who creates, Mr Bourke is “the silent
partner” as explained by Kimberly Lenny, from Creative Services
ATELIER. Ms Lenny was charming and most helpful in describing the
whole collection. Ms. Lenny is a very charming person who knows how
to make someone feel special. In a business where snubbing others is
the classic and most played “game”, it should be noted.

Patent Collection: Large Cindy Totes

Many used to consider Dooney & Bourke as a “poor parent” of the
Louis Vuiton, Prada and alike luxury accessories brands. This time
around, the Connecticut based company is proving that the it was worth
waiting for better days to come: from offering to customers a mostly
somewhat drab and dark collection year after year, along with an
insistent conservative stance, here it is: a consistent, beautiful and
practical collection of purses, gloves and other accessories.

The Hayden Pannetiere purse (designed by the actress and Peter Dooney)
was the “guest of honor” in different sizes and colors, but it was
simply too hard to pick a favorite. Except for the ever present and
quite hideous multi colored heart print collection, nothing was not
beautiful and tempting. I got hooked on the new collection from the
first sight: the red colored purses and accessories are simply
stunning. The red color is so vibrant, it is an instant jolt of
energy. The depth and intensity of the red color is enough to indicate
high quality. The Giraffe collection was so pretty, even I liked it,
as not kin to animal patters as I can be.

Patent Collection: Striped Sac – Brown T-Moro and White

It would be impossible to not mention the Zebra Collection: the trend
observed already last season is here to stay. And Dooney & Bourke
created a gorgeous assortment of purses and accessories. The dyes
used this collection seem unique: an assortment of purses was
displayed in a quite rare raw umber color. As for the Croc collection,
the turquoise color is astonishing.

Domed Ziptop Cosmetic Cases

The collection is of high quality , the details are impeccable. Most
impressive of all is the intent of the brand to have the products it
offers accessible to most: retail price of the beautiful two color
zebra like leather purse is about $475. The beautiful leather gloves
retail for about just over $100. Hearing the average retail prices
about the accessories was quite nice: nowadays we witness and for many
of us participate in an excessive splurging of luxury goods many just
cannot afford.

Dooney & Bourke is giving us a smashing display with a beautiful
and quite diversified collection, and the best news is that we can
afford the products offered.

However, it is quite a shame that no one was able to provide more
information on how the leather is chosen, its origin, as well as how
it is dyed. This new collection is so unique and brilliant in every
way: knowing the process that was used to end up with such a beautiful
result would have been a plus: dying animal skins is not an easy task
and the geographical location can make all the difference between
beautiful and deeply colored leather products and poor quality and
unappealing other products.

Also, the folder that was given to the press attending the preview
contained only pictures of the products shown. What a shame, reading
more about the company would have provided such an interesting and
informative moment!

-Muriel Geny-Triffaut



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