Kipling Fall Editor Preview Event

G*rillaz Girlz Collection”

On Tuesday April 15th, 2008, Kipling hosted a venue titled “Wine Crush” on the rooftop of The Dream Hotel in Manhattan. The event gave guests the opportunity to see firsthand the latest creations of the Kipling brand (a division of VF Sportswear, Inc.). Appetizers “floated by” and a friendly atmosphere made everything warm and inviting.

Kipling has come out with a very interesting and appealing line of accessories. The fall styles are successively “Hip Collection”, “City Collection”, “G*rilla Girlz Collection”, “If Collection”, and “Travel Collection”.

That Kipling would be appealing to a younger and hip clientele has always been obvious in the ever-present gorilla chain attached to each bag, purse and suitcase. I was told by Smita Reddy of Formula, that in Europe, the monkey chains have become collectibles so highly prized, the chains are snapped off the purses in stores allover. Even if a bad occurrence, the consequences of the popularity of the brand are remarkable enough to place it in the much-envied club of the cult brands.

“If Collection”

Overall, the “If Collection” seems a little “blah” with its washed out fabrics and timid lines that may appeal to an older segment of recurring and prospective buyers. It is an average and forgettable line.

“City Collection”

The “City Collection” line is the best Kipling has to offer. It embodies the urban lifestyle in its clear and edgy designs full of multiple uses cleverly hidden under a sleek and polished design.

As for the “G*orilla Girlz” Collection, it is one all teenage girls would “go bananas” for, as stated by the press release given to each guest. The cheerful monkey pattern displayed brings a smile, and again, the same practical details seen throughout the different lines. Even if a lot of the appeal could have to do to do with its symbolic animal logo

Many “go bananas” to have the ubiquitous monkey chain, and may be some of the brand’s appeal is the result of its popularity. The border that separates great marketing strategy and brilliant display of creativity can be hard to see at times. Yet, Kipling has lines that show trendiness, practicality, and affordability. Facts that cannot be ignored by ever-savvy consumers.

I was delighted and quite nicely surprised upon seeing the contents of the “goody bag” being given when I left: it contained a maroon-colored purse of the “Hip Collection” and is already a favorite.

Formula is the PR firm that handles Kipling’s account.

– Muriel Geny-Triffaut



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