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Philip Treacy Salon at Bergdorf Goodman

Almost nothing symbolizes the welcome arrival of spring in New York (well, for a certain well heeled segment of the population that is), like the annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon, which takes place in, and benefits the Central Park Conservancy. Always scheduled for the first Wednesday in May, which this year falls on May 7th , the event, which is marking its 21st anniversary, is also celebrating the 150th birthday of the Park.

Around 1,000 or so of the best dressed ladies about town (who pay anywhere from about $350 to over $2000 for the privilege of attending) don their best suits- and their finest hats- for the yearly occasion about which has been said, “it never rains”. Those looking for the perfect chapeau happen to be in luck this week, as one of the world’s most celebrated milliners, see photo of Philip Treacy, is in New York, holed up on Tuesday and Wednesday on the 4th floor of Bergdorf Goodman, where he is personally fitting those who want to make a ‘heady’ statement. Afterwards, the hats will be ensconced back on the main floor in the hat department.

The salon was made to look as whimsical and fantastical as Philip’s hats, headbands, and handbags, which boast Andy Warhol icons, flowers, butterflies, feathers, and jewels (see photo above). They range in price from a mere $75 for a Teflon coated baseball cap from the pop art Andy Warhol group (I of course, loved all the ‘Marilyn’ items – see photo) all the way up to $2,855 for an enormous white straw hat with sculptural black organza flowers. There is even an eye catching Swarovski encrusted fedora, which though for display only, can be ordered (they couldn’t even estimate the price tag on that number).

While I was there, a woman who was planning to attend the Frederick Law Olmsted Luncheon, was tempted to try on several of the over the top styles, and I asked her if she was choosing the hat first- then the outfit, or vice versa. She replied that she was going to wear either a white Chanel suit (which would look good with anything really), or a Pucci dress (in which case she would select something solid to match). Like I said, this event is serious business!



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  1. Hi I have the same clutch bag in the photo. It was given as a gift a whole ago. But was wondering how much its worth?

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