Radar Magazine Party

Last night was the New Creator/Radar Magazine Party by Henri Bendel & M.A.C. Cosmetics hosted by Maer Roshan, Candace Bushnell & Ed Burstell and celebrating designers Alice Roi, Emma Cook, Hamish Morrow, Valeria Siniouchkina and Vasseur Esquivel.

About 400 mostly twenty-somethings & nothings were crowded in to sip cocktails, watch videos of the designers’ fashion shows and celebrate the long awaited debut of Radar Magazine. The crowd was the usual mix of suspects and posers: everyone from Michael Musto, who paraded himself around all night with his mini-entourage in tow; Papermag Mickey Boardman looking his usual splendid self, Lizzy Grubman without her car keys, to those two guys of dubious media credentials who live for nothing else but to attend every event where the drinks are free. Best moment of the evening: Rose Hartman being denied entrance. Best quote of the evening came from the head of a top fashion pr firm: “Who is Maer Roshan?”

Founder of Radar Maer Roshan, who showed up with Tina Brown, says Radar “will noisily demand its place at center stage (and) will fearlessly cover celebrities…” Fearlessly cover celebrities? We still don’t know whether to laugh first or cry over that statement. Anyway, as Tina Brown is so fond of saying and we reminded her of when we spoke to her last night start-ups are not for kids. She laughed at us and walked away while being unrecognized by most everyone in the room. But we do wish Maer good luck. And if not good luck, then more funding.



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