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Father’s Day is soon approaching (Sunday, June 18th), AND the official start of summer (June 21st), the season where fitness really counts, so therefore it couldn’t be a more timely and perfect moment for the “Tummy Tuck Jean”, a collaboration of the father and daughter team, George Rudes and Lisa Rudes-Sandel (the duo behind NYDJ).

Two years in the making and following exhaustive and extensive testing, this revolutionary jean which is produced by their Los Angeles based company, NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans), is the first of its kind (both patented and trademarked). Stylish, great fitting, comfortable (96%cotton, 4%spandex), and well priced ($88), what more can you ask for? By the way, it’s worth noting that George Rudes founded Saint Germain in the 70’s (a contemporary sportswear company known for their great fitting and stylish jeans).

As we all know, the health and fitness craze has reached its peak, and there has been increased interest and fixation on one’s ‘middle’ ground. It is well documented that the tummy tuck is the most popular procedure being done right now (having replaced ‘boob jobs’). Coincidentally, on this past Friday’s Today Show, there was a segment about a new procedure called the ‘tummy shrink lift’ that enables both men and women to get rid of their spare tires or extra weight. Just think: you can have the same effect without the cost and pain of undergoing a surgical procedure, by simply buying a pair of Tummy Tuck Jeans which are conveniently sold in over 300 specialty stores across the country, including Alaska. In fact Nordstrom has gone on record with their amazing success and high customer approval.

This item is geared for women of all ages but especially those of us over 30 who have grown tired of the skimpy ‘how low can you go’ low rise jean (think Paris Hilton) and yearn for a more sophisticated alternative. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that such influential fashion visionaries as Nicolas Guesquiere for Balenciaga and Stefano Pilati for YSL have been promoting the high- waisted pant for several seasons now.

On every hangtag, the jeans promise to “flatten your tummy”, “make you look slimmer”, “contour your hips”, “lift your buttocks”, “allow you to wear one size smaller”, AND “make you feel younger” through its exclusive criss cross feature and inside, the red label tells you it’s “made for real women with real curves”. Another sweet and personal touch is the clear sticker inside which chides, “NYDJ cannot be held responsible for any positive consequences due to your fabulous appearance when wearing the Tummy Tuck Jean with the added line, “You can thank me later”, Lisa Sandel. Ms. Sandel, President of NYDJ, even invites you to email your comments (

Just a note: while the Tummy Tuck Jeans are currently available in dark blue denim and black only, if you’re a white jean aficionado like me, you will be pleased to learn that white will be available in the future. Imagine this: a pair of white jeans that actually make you look thinner!

Marilyn Kirschner

Marilyn Kirschner

I am a long time fashion editor with 40+ years of experience. As senior market of Harper's Bazaar for 21 years I met and worked with every major fashion designer in the world and covered all of the collections in Paris, London, Milan and New York. I was responsible for overall content, finding and pulling in the best clothes out there, and for formulating ideas and stories.

  1. After 2 c-sections and thyroid problems I must say that these are the best fitting jeans I have ever put on. It took me a while to save the money to splurge but I finally did and do not regret it a bit. Keep the jeans comming. Like the way they sit at the waste and not falling down off of your behind every time you squat, bend, or stoop.


    I am 76 years old but still like my jeans and clothes that fit right

  3. dear Lisa,I had never heurd abouth NYDJ but saw one in a shop here in Amsterdam,I tried to fit them and was very pleased the way it fitted but was shocked abouth the price 160 euro’s,I never paid so much for a pair of jeans.I went home but returned back the next day to buy one and enjoy wearing it,it is worth every euro unfortunately there were some painters working in my house and thy damaged my most expensive and favorite jeans I went to the laundret but they could’n do anything,I never cry abouth clothes but now i could,I am trying to save money for a new NYDJ there is not a better one,greetings from Hanny Amsterdam Holland. every euro

  4. The best pair of jeans I have ever worn!!! Love Love Love them! The fit and feel of the fabric is amazing. I would like to see a straight and boot leg style.

  5. I purchased my jeans at a specialty store in Springboro, Oh. yesterday. I like the way they fit now, but I am concerned when I read about how baggy they get. I am not from Ohio, and hope I can return them to a store in Iowa, if they get baggy. Please advise.

  6. I just bought my 4th pair. These are the best jeans e v e r. They sit at the waist where they should be and make me look terrific. I can’t believe it I feel so good wearing them. Can’t wait for the white jeans. Do you make really straight leg jeans? Would kill for those.

  7. AMAZING! I saw my Mom (age 53) in her jeans, and I had to go and by a pair. My Mom has lost 200 lbs and has maintained her weight loss for 28 years. If she looks that great in these jeans I hoped I’d have a chance. I love my jeans, and I have a number of people who asking and I’m telling about my new body in these jeans. I work in a beauty salon and the word goes fast. Thank you
    Renee Lapierre

  8. Love my NYDJ and capri's. My favorite store for NYDJ is
    J'Ann & Company, Noblesville IN. It is a darling boutique with great service and selection!
    Carmel IN

  9. Let me advertise for your jeans Lisa!!! After being hit with the news that my thyroid gland was not functioning correctly and weight loss programs didn’t work for me, I was hiding behind closed doors. Nothing fit and I ordered over 50 styles of jeans over the internet trying to find something to wear. I am a jeans kinda girl. My daughter, who works at Nordstroms in Portland, Oregan, told me to give your jeans a try. Well I did, and you must know the outcome. I have six pairs now and cannot say enough good about them. The feel of them, the way you look in them, the style, everything is great. You are a genius for us gals that have a few bumps and curves that are certainly misplaced. Thank you Lisa.

  10. I bought 2 pairs of jeans at Macy’s Pasadena for $109 each. They felt great on a plane ride – no wrinkles, no riding up in the crotch, so comfortable. After I washed them I was so let down. They really bagged. I took them back – with a receipt – and exchanged the size 16 for a 14. They started out tight, but then felt fine. I havent washed them yet.( I never wear a 14. Usually 16-18. I am 60 years young and weigh about 190. One sales lady said she knew wearing size smaller was best. Another knew nothing. I so hope they will fit me well after washing.

  11. To the Guy who said:

    “HEY! How about Tummy Tuck jeans for MEN! We need help too. Please make some for men….I’m holding my breath!”

    Go for it. Jeans are not what make up a person. It does not make your female nor male or gay or such.

    Women wear mens’ clothes. Just think of it as

    Getting Even!

    Besides they fit so well don’t deney yourself this little pleasure in life. It’s too short!


  12. I went to Nordstrom yesterday and tried on several pair. It’s true I fit in one size smaller. The style I wanted was only on the web and I almost purchased the ones that fit. Still wish I had they fit so well.

    They do a lot for the “Rear End”.

    I went to Nordstrom Rack and found 2 pair that were my size! 1/2 Price to Boot!


  13. Jag jeans have always been my favorites. I just bought two pairs of your jeans. These will be the “brand” I will always ask for!!. I’m 68 years old, size 8. If you need a model, I’m available!! Marty

  14. I finally graduated from mens Jeans to nydj. I have never been happier..My kids, my grandkids and my great grandkids are thrilled. They are soooo comfortable and my husband loves them on me.

  15. I LOVE THESE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. HEY! How about Tummy Tuck jeans for MEN! We need help too. Please make some for men….I’m holding my breath!

  17. I bought two pair of your NYDJ jeans at Nordstrom’s in petite. Although I love how they fit, the sizing needs some work. I bought a pair of 2 petites, the next pair of 2 petites I tried on were so tight I could hardly breathe. I tried on a pair of 4 petites and they fit just like the 2 petite. It would be nice if the petite sizes were more standard so you could depend on the right fit with the correct size. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing. Your jeans are great.

  18. please advise on purchase of tummytuck jeans, other than,sold out my favorite jeans

  19. I’ve been wering JAG jeans for the last 5 years and never THOUGHT in a million years that I would change brands. My daughter bought me the brown and blue jeans and I LOVE THEM!!! Can’t wait until Christmas….I know what I’m asking for 🙂

  20. I purchased a black pair at Dillard’s about a month ago and I have worn them for special occasions and they are just exactly what they claim to be — absolutely wonderful fit, great lift and support, and they fit while you are sitting, standing, bending, or lying down. Awesome product and THANKS!!! Janie

  21. i got 2 pair of these jeans and
    ilove them so much i will go get 2
    more pairs today so is my sister

  22. I am 66 years old and the grandmother of 13 (over the age of 15!)As a former model, I’m always aware of how I dress. I bought my first pair of NYDJ at Dillard’s yesterday and am wearing them today! I love them. Are you going to “come out” with a pair of “skinny” leg jeans anytime soon? I wear a size 6. Can I look and buy more of these jeans on the net? Please let me know. I feel I could be a great ad/model for these jeans in my area.

  23. I soooo love the fit and my husband says I look fantastic in them. They were well worth the $119.00 plus tax. Thank you, thank you. I will be wearing only your jeans from now on.Granma Fluffy


  25. just bought my first pair and love the fit and feel. I’m 71 yrs. young and they really help to hold that later-in-life sag where it be-longs. I do wish they came in petites. Like 6p.

  26. I like the capris i bought but i wish they were not so low—most women i talk to like their pants, or capris to fit waist high not low like so many younger styles these days, if you come out with one that fits at natural waist i will buy another pair, if not i will look elsewhere,

  27. Love the fit, however, at such a steep price, a short female should NOT have to pay extra to have them hemmed. I’m tired of trying to find jeans at so called petite stores. The pants are always too long even though they are supposed to be for short females. That’s why petite stores often fail. I’m 5′ 1 and can never find pants that do not require tailoring. Why should I pay EXTRA money for LESS material??

  28. I just located 4 pairs of these jeans in PETITE at my local Dillard’s store. Colors are dark blue, light blue, white, and black, all in PETITE. At 63, it’s so hard to find well-fitting jeans for a WOMAN. But, ladies, get yourself to your closest DILLARDS, and they’re back-ordered at Nordstrums online, btw. Blessings to all…

  29. Sell on ebay if they stretched out too much, it’s ashame they did this! You will make some money back though.

  30. Thought I liked your jeans until
    they stretched out so much they
    are now baggy and not at all
    flattering. I’m only a size 8 so
    it’s not a weight issue.
    I paid $118 for them and I hate
    to think I threw away my $$$$$.
    Any suggestions???????

  31. I bought a pair of nydj at Dillard’s while i was in Florida and simply love them…any chance of them being sold in Canada?
    Nanny 64

  32. Love the jeans. After two
    wearings they stretched out a
    bit and I’m affraid to wash them
    in fear that they will stretch
    more. What is best way to
    wash and dry to prevent this?
    How can I tighten them up if
    they are too loose?

  33. I ordered a pair of NYDJ’s over a month ago from a local store and they’re still not here. Why would it take a pair of jeans over a month to come to Auburn, by Sacramento, out of LA? Size 11, brownish, NYDJ……

  34. I have just discovered NYDJ and had to order a pair through a local clothing store. I ordered them on March 2nd, 2006 and they still have not come in. They carry the line but didn’t have my size in stock (11) in the copper (sort of) brushed brownish color. Really nice pants. Can’t wait to receive them. Any idea why it would take so long coming from LA to the Sacramento area?

  35. While I love the fit, the price tag is a bit large for us moms with kids on a tight budget. Any chance of the price comming down a bit?

  36. I am 68 years old and just bought a pair of size 6 Tummy Tuck jeans. They are fabulous. I wish they came in different lengths because even with 2 1/2 inch heels they will have to be hemmed. I want them in a lot of different lengths…

  37. Have read about these jeans and would love to try a pair on. Ever think about putting them in Hecht’s or Penney’s? Would love that!

  38. Finally! A pair of jeans that don’t slide off my hips. I was so tired of only finding jeans with a one inch zipper. Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me. I am 63, slim and and was thrilled to find jeans that fit. I am a size four. when are you going to come out with white jeans? Hurry.The season is on the way.

  39. I am a young 69(be 70 in July) and I have two pair of NYDJ and love them. Started out in a 14 but had to get a 10 this last time. I work part time in the shop (Clothes Horse in Hemphill,Tx) that introduced them to me. Thank you for making jeans that fit “real women”.
    Claudine Vance

  40. Will the jeans be available with a straight leg any time soon.

    I’ve been hearing so much about the jeans and I am interested in purchasing them, but when I click on “store locator” on the website nothing happens. Since the boot cut is not my favorite style, I really want to try them on before I buy them. I don’t want to order them on the net because if they don’t fit I would have to pay for return postage.

  41. Best pair of jeans I’ve ever bought. Received compliments galore. Not only stylist but extremely comfortable. Fantastic incentive to lose the extra weight. I’m headed back to the store for a second pair – hope they are not sold out!

  42. All I can say is Wow I look great in those jeans. I have nice size hips but your jeans did everything that it said it would: flatten your tummy,look slimmer contour hips, lift buttocks. I am 48years old, but I feel 21 in your jeans. Thank you for making my dreams for the right jeans come true. If you need someone to model I will not mine.

  43. MIRACLE jeans is a better name! Honestly, these are the most comfortable, booty enhancing jeans I’ve ever had on! I was also proud to know they are made in the good ‘ole USA! KEEP OUR JOBS AND MAKE YOUR BUTT LOOK WONDERFUL!!!!

    Gail in NC

  44. I just bought my third pair of Tummytuck jeans. I am sixty-five years old and have never had a pair of jeans fit so well. These jeans actually come all the way up to the waist and I love the extra long look…keep up the good work. Some senior citizens still want to look young and slimmer!

  45. Dear Lisa,

    I love those jeans. I purchased 4 pair (black, denim, dark denim and dark brown). My favorite is the one with rinestones on the sides. Please make more with special designs. Your customers are baby boomers who like to look young but sophisticated and will pay good money for a good product. I am 49 years old and for the first time I look so good in jeans. Consider spring/summer colors. Also, have you consider making jackets, shorts, skirts and vests? Love your jeans

  46. HELP!! I love the jeans but the sales lady told me to get an even smaller size than I was going to get because she said they would relax and stretch out after some washings. Does anyone know if this is true? Most jeans do stretch out some. I have not worn these yet as they are too long.(and so…..tight) Also, does anyone know if the length draws up any? I do not want to have them hemmed and then the length to shorten from washings. Please answer on this comment page soon, PLEASE.

  47. I heard about these jeans from my friend. When I went into Nordstrom’s to inquire, the salesgirl told me that they were very popular by “word of mouth.” I asked her if they came in petite and she said that their petitle department didn’t have them. I do not know if the jeans come in petite, however if they do not, you should incorporate that into your line. Your sales would be that much better.

  48. How about making them in black? Mature women like to wear black, well-fitting jeans.

  49. What great fitting and looking jeans.. So comfortable. I’m a 66 year grandmother of 4, and I look great in your jeans.

  50. Have purchased 2 pair of your jeans so far….bought in a size smaller…..Love you…thank you, thank you…you have made one 69 year old grandmother very happy. I have washed both pair and they look just as good as when they were new…Now I am goin back to Nordys for white and black…Hopefully….How about doing some tee shirts in sizes that fit us mature ladies ???? no form fitting for me…

  51. WOW! I love these jeans for the fit and colors (blue, black and brown) Can’t wait for new colors!!!

  52. Kudos to NYDJ! I am 77 years old and bought my first pair of Tummytucks yesterday at Dillards. My daughter INSISTED that I try them on and that was that. The $99 price was a bit staggering for my “depression” mentality, but they are definitely worth it. Great engineering and they do all you say. THANKS A BUNCH!!

  53. These are the best jeans ever!!! I’m a 59 year old mother of 6 and grandmother of 11…with more weddings and grands on the way. I tried these jeans on in Steamboat Springs over the Christmas holidays and WOW!!! Can’t find them here in Panama City, Fl, but would love to buy several more pair, including some for my 2 daughters. Keep up the great work.

  54. i bought my first pair andlove them.can’t wait to buy more. please consider petite or short lengths. thanks

  55. I just love the tummy tuck jeans i have two pair the first i bought was a size 8 i went in wearing a size 12 the next pair i bought was a 6 The first pair helped get me get going to loose the extra pounds i had gained i know the next pair i get will be a 4 the 6’s are getting loose on me. I’ve told everyone i know about them. I’m a 49 yr old grand mother of 6 incase you are wondering. I bought my jeans at Dillards.These jeans fit like a glove they are so comfortable on you can move so freely and not get pinched like other jeans do. Now i just get pinched by my husband. Thank you so much for tummy tucks.

  56. Purchased NYDJ jeans yesterday at Dillards for 100 bucks plus tax. Although tag says you can buy a size smaller, I chose my current size because thought they looked better on me. Hope they don’t “grow” as I wear them. Very comfy. Any comments out there on my worry that they might grow with wear? Haven’t washed them yet so will return for smaller size if suggested by other women.

  57. I agree with all of the above statements!! They were plenty long for me, as I took up 31/2 inches. At VonMaur they carried a brown along with blue and black. I too would love other colors! The fit IS great, and priced less than I’ve had to pay to get a great fit. Thank you!

  58. Hi just bought my first pair of Tummy Tuck Jeans and the fit is PERFECT! I only had to try on one pair and it was so comfortable and I look so good for a just turned 60 year old…wish that they came in a short length and a more straight leg…will be returning to Nordstrom for another pair and they are resonabley priced! could use a little bling on them, too. wouldn’t hurt…keep up the good work…hope that they look and feel just like they do after they are washed and dried…thank you

  59. I purchased these jeans size 10 at Nordstrom and the sales lady was
    right – I just love them.They slimmed me right out.
    Might think of making them in petite sizes.
    I am 58 yrs old, wore them with a pair of pointed heels and I felt like a million dollars. You should consider making them in spring colors and
    making tops for mature women that
    have some room! love these jeans..

  60. I love my NYDJ. I’m 62 and they fit met great. All my other jean have “gotta go!”. Thanks for designing a well fit from the waist down for the lady with a little more up front. God Bless your business.

  61. Just bought a pair of your jeans yesterday. They feel so good, look great.
    I love what you did, with made in the USA. Keeping ’em coming!!
    Looking for some nice tops to go well with the jeans. Made in the USA.

  62. Thank you, thank you for designing these jeans…..I’m 63 and my 42 year old daughter told me I looked like I had lost 20 pounds and told me to throw out ALL my other jeans. These are just the jeans I had been looking for that fits and flatters my body. Don’t stop making them, please.

  63. LOVE these jeans… have had 2 kids and definitely need the tummy tuck!!! However, They have to be LONGER!!!! you can always shorten long jeans but you cant lengthen short ones!

  64. I think your jeans are great, cannot believe the fit, waistline
    is where it should be and like
    the boot cut style of all style.
    Keep making them.

  65. These are the best jeans I’ve ever worn. I had given up on ever finding a pair of jeans that were both comfortable and looked good on me. They make me feel tall and thin — a real feat! The day after I bought my first pair, I ordered 3 more. Now I have them in every color.

  66. I cannot believe what these jeans did for me. After two C sections I thought my flat tummy, lookin’good in jeans days were over. Yahoo!

  67. the sales gal at Nordstrom said “I had to try these jeans.” I am so glad she insisted, they are great, I bought two pair….could not find a straight leg thought….or boot leg….do they come that way?

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