Jenny Lee Couture Bridal Show

Photos: Stevyn Llewellyn

On Saturday April 12 at 6PM celebrated bridal designer Jenny Lee
unveiled her Fall 2008 Collection. The fashion show took place at the
Prince George Ballroom at 15 East 27 Street, between Fifth and Madison
Avenues. Jenny Lee is known for designing exceptional bridal gowns.
She uses luxurious fabrics imported from Italy and France, to create
architecturally simple, elegant and feminine creations. This season
she is adding a new collection. “I am proud to introduce my new line,
JL Couture, it offers fashion forward women the ability to create
their own look while not feeling like a traditional bride.” said Jenny
Lee on the upcoming runway show of her 2008 Bridal Collection for the

Each gown has been designed to celebrate and enhance women’s body and
unique beauty. The designer’s goal is to help each and every woman
show self confidence and express who she is on a most important day.
To her credit, Jenny Lee’s designs are unique in the sense that they
bring color in the gown overall design, eliminating the need for
having to have different pieces for the different events scattering
the wedding day.

Jenny lee’s designing talent and creative skills are
a sure thing. And she is a smart woman, designing outfits that can be
used for bridal wear yet be reused again…

The price point for her gowns range from $3500.00 – $8,000.00.
Couture Bridal apparel caters to a very specific and targeted clientele,
the one that doesn’t hesitate to spend lavish amounts of money between
what is to be worn and what is to be eaten, drank etc…..
Women fought hard to gain rights that would help them get to be
considered and respected as equal to men. So, what kind of a message
are such celebrations sending? And is “love” part of it? If it is,
what is the need for all this hoopla, busy and very costly affair?

For more information about the collection, contact Bonnie Bien, La Presse PR
at 567-8999 or

– Muriel Geny-Triffaut



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