Perfect Mix of What Your Best Friends Tell You & What a Style Authority Can Show You

The salt & pepper pearls tee, faux fur trimmed vest, oversized houndstooth pencil skirt, leather satchel and suede lace-up bootie, styled by Alia Ahmed-Yahia

Hosting a viewing preview event – complete, of course, with de rigueur cocktails, finger food and a good-bye gift of a fun, signature, cloth tote-bag, containing a look-book and a sparkly, oversized, jeweled cuff, nestled in a velvet pouch – of the new Fall 2010 clothing and accessories collection, along with an after-party at The Bowery Hotel in the now trendy, downtown area of New York City, LOFT recently introduced editors and assorted guests to its current collection and nouveau “Style Studio” concept.

During the actual viewing, guests were packed in cheek to jowl, where depending upon that guest’s individual pleasure, it was just about possible, to catch a peek at what was going on, in terms of actually seeing the pieces, either as a still-life tableau, on stylized mannequins, throughout the entire length and breadth of the room, or via a looped, video fashion presentation, shown on a huge screen, at the front of the area. Either way, LOFT managed to get the point of the evening’s festivities across to the crowd.

Beaded necklace camisole with flower, ruffle collar anorak,herringbone short, leather lace-up bootie

Nearly always keen on doing things in different ways, the company this time, debuted not only its new line, but also hyped its “style by community” collaboration with high-profile fashion stylists, Tina Chai, Kate Young, Joanne Blades and Alia Ahmed-Yahia, who were brought in, according to the company’s look-book commentary, “to work with the LOFT fall collection to create versatile looks from 10 fashion-forward fall essentials … where diverse style personalities come together to create looks that women relate to, connect with and derive inspiration from.”

Graphic tee, fitted motorcycle jacket, striped mini skirt, suede bootie

Standing by for the most part what everyone set out to do, the company and the fashion stylists managed to pretty much make the mixtures work. When everything gelled, and all of the components meshed, the result was interesting and cool. On the contrary, when the look was simply too plain and not jazzy enough, the result was just too simplistic and rather underwhelming, which is not what one might hope to expect from this type of partnership between a company such as LOFT and fashion stylists the ilk of Chai, Young, Blades and Ahmed-Yahia.

But, in the end, what really matters, aside from what does or does not work on a mannequin or in a fashion video during a crowded press presentation, is the fact that the company’s main objective of showcasing its “Style Studio” concept, does indeed score points for hitting the mark, and coming across to more than just a few of the jaded editors in attendance at this event, as something quite interesting, novel, fresh, and unique.

Beaded necklace camisole with flower, Faux fur trimmed vest, wool pencil skirt, felt fedora, gold and black angular necklace, suede gem belt and over-the-knee riding boot, styled by Tina Chai.

Addressing the best of the new collection, which coincidentally, prices out quite modestly for what it is worth, especially when considering the high fashion quotient on display, there are some really winning, stand-out items within the line. Added to this fact, and considering the tough, economic times in which we all continue to live, LOFT states that it continues to understand and know what its customers want. In this vein, the company and its fashion stylists have put together some good-looking, saleable, wearable options within a framework of the “Style Studio” setting; representing a smart marketing tool, which just might have a chance of impacting well enough with shoppers, to grab their attention and get them to open up their pocketbooks and make the purchase.

– Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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