Quite a Fashionable Summer

So it seems that things at Loft are becoming more upmarket and fashiony with each new collection, and if the summer 2010 grouping is any example of all of this, fashion shoppers should be more than just a little bit happy with what the company has in store for the warm summer days ahead, especially when it comes to lots of style at reasonable price points for the masses.

Although Loft may have been, at times, viewed by some in the fashion arena as quite classic and somewhat mundane, much of this obviously has changed over the past few seasons, as evidenced by the “cool quotient” given to many of the clothing and accessories pieces, rendered by a new design team, brought in, probably, to make Loft appear that much more hip and desireable to shoppers.

Obviously, the basic premise for Loft is to continually fulfill the desire of those shoppers for something unique and different from season to season, while, at the same time, also filling the desire to captivate and attract those shoppers in difficult econimic times, while bringing them to Loft and keeping them in the store to buy. With all of the sharp, new, modestly-priced clothing and accessories served up over the past several seasons, it appears that the company is on the right track towards achieving those goals.

Hooking into what is new and what is definitely cool, Loft presented its summer 2010 collection to members of the fashion press and other VIP guests at Industria Superstudios, located in the ever-trendy, downtown NYC Meatpacking district. Along with lots of cocktails and snacks, guests were treated to an up-close-and-personal viewing of the coming season’s range of super casual, very pretty, and quite wearable pieces, all shown on simple hangers and glossy, white, faceless mannequins, without any live models in sight. Keeping guests in the moment at the end of the evening, were the parting gifts; deluxe white boxes with a pink Loft logo, all neatly tied up with a ribboned, flower brooch, and filled with the company’s look-book, plus an eclectic piece of jewelry.

Overall, just about everything in this new grouping fits well into what Loft’s idea of what summertime dressing should look like. This idea, which focuses on untortured and easy-to-wear pieces across the board, translates into plenty of jeans, shorts and cropped and long pants, mostly all layered up with varied choices of blouses, T-shirts, soft cardigans and little coats and jackets. Dresses are equally great in mixed silhouettes and prints, which easily go from short and flirty, all the way through to longest flowing maxi pieces; the latter bringing to mind, the fun and elegance of exclusive resortwear.

Accessories – from the most fun and whimsical, through to the most sophisticated and exclusive – most definitely hit the mark and do make the point for such a chic look here. Of note are the soft leather cluthches; the big, squishy, bucket totes, rendered in a host of nifty prints and patterns; charming bracelets and earrlings; whimsical pom-pom scarves; and leather and corded belts, shown at the waist and hip, or worn empire style. Not to be missed are the multi-length chokers and necklaces; which look good worn either single or layered, in styles such as the long sea glass dangle; black beaded bib; bronze bauble and cord necklace; longest silver necklace with horn rings; and the grey fabric/chain-link/ribboned bib necklace, so decidedly reminiscent for this editor, of the kind of jewelry which Henry VIII or any important Lady at The Court of “The Tudors” might have worn during the period.

— Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg



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