Reception for David Downton & Supermodel Erin O’Connor at Rootstein Mannequins

It was quite a fun evening last night at Rootstein Mannequins, 205 West 19th Street, tel 645-2020. This cocktail reception was for the opening of a featured exhibit (Kevin Arpino is the creative director at Rootstein) of British illustrator’s David Downton sighed sketches of Erin O’Conner and the 50 Mannequins on display that were molded and created using Erin O’Connor as the model. And what a mix of people who showed up! Everyone from Fern Mallis to the well known English designer Alistair Blair to fellow supermodels Jade Parfait, Karen Elson, Stella Tennant (many months pregnant) and Maggie Rizer. Indeed, it was a thrill for us to introduce Maggie (and old friend of lookonline) to another legendary model who was there (with her daughter) Diane DeWitt. They had never met face to face, and it was nice to see them finally saying hello to each other.

We have a 6 minute streaming video interview with supermodel Erin O’Conner conducted at the event by our editor Marilyn Kirschner. If you have the Real Player installed on your computer click to play the 56K version or here to play the high speed version. We must mention just how well this event was run. A great job was done by Branstetter Communications and Lisa (number 2) Silhanek who also helped manage the event. It really was a great party!

Death of Kevyn Aucoin

Anyone remotely involved with fashion must be mourning the untimely loss of Kevyn Aucoin. Although my work involves wardrobe, I always managed to wander into the makeup area when I knew Kevyn there. With the advent of his own makeup line, I celebrated the chance to curl my lashes like Kevyn does! I know a 12-year old who has both his books. And I have to believe that Kevyn was partially responsible for the physical and political transformation of Hilary Clinton. Kevyn may be gone, but I bet he’s putting a prettier face on Heaven. [5/14/2002 8:23:45 AM | barbara berman]



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