Upcoming Launch of Radar Magazine: Just More Talk?

“Radar is a biweekly magazine about pop culture, current events, style, and politics targeted to upwardly mobile, educated women and men, aged 25 to 39. At newsstands Radar’s bold irreverence and smart content distinguishes it from the crowd of bland, celeb-driven clones. Loaded with brash cover lines, unexpected story angles, and powerful photos, Radar packs an editorial punch, with articles that provoke debate, create heat, and regularly make news. Media-savvy post-boomers want affirmation and information. Radar delivers, offering fresh intelligence on the people, music, films, books, plays, gadgets, clothes, and ideas that are important, controversial, or funny right now. Like its readers, it’s smart but accessible, stylish but not superficial, and equally at home with high and low culture. By tapping into the changing sensibility of an ascendant generation, Radar will be one of those rare titles—like Rolling Stone in the seventies, Spy in the eighties, and Vanity Fair in the nineties—that define a cultural moment by getting there first.” – promo on Radar website.

Founder Maer Roshan says Radar, which is set to launch in April, “will noisily demand its place at center stage (and) will fearlessly cover celebrities…” Fearlessly cover celebrities? I don’t know whether to laugh first or cry over that statement. Just think of all those lucky 25-39 age readers waiting in breathless anticipation for the launch of yet another celebrity driven magazine telling readers who is in, what is out and why it is cool. Sounds like Radar is the unholy cross between Talk and Timeout NY. Is there not anyone left in NY media with even the slightest hint of a new idea?. We give Radar – sight unseen – 18 months before it flames out and falls off the screen.



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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