Vicky Tiel’s Paris Journal: Paris Streets At Noel

Street Photos by Ani Berkeley

I have lived in Paris since 1964, raised two sons, and ran a fashion business for over 50 years and I must say (unlike New York where towers now dominate), Paris is basically the same since 1964. RIEN CHANGE. It was said Hitler couldn’t bomb Paris because it was too beautiful!

“It’s the architecture, baby”, and nothing compares to the beauty of your local cafe on the corner covered in lighted pink blossoms as you have your breakfast cafe-croissant and watch the chic Parisiennes walk by. The outdoor cafe is still the hangout for meeting friends and family and for staying out all night and passing holiday gifts as Parisienne apartments are very beautiful but very small.

The streets of Paris at Christmas are memories that stay in your heart forever as they blend the world’s most beautiful Haussmann architecture of the 1830s mixed with the happiness from the multi-color lights that tingle our soul…once a year.

Today with Covid thé heated outdoor café is still the hangout and the Christmas decor is more spectacular than ever, especially in the fabulous department store, Le Bon Marche, opening in 1852, thé oldest department store in the world and inside the famous Galeries Lafayette.
Galeries Lafayette
Bon Marche
Vicky Tiel

Parisiennes are not buying new clothes this year except for long coats and vintage hats and the look is very NOUVELLE modern as THE MIX AND NOT MATCH THEME IS EVERYWHERE. I am sure to have my pant print clash with my sweater and then my VINTAGE VICKY long coat has nothing to do with either. Of course, I’ll wear a French beret.

It is traditional to eat multiple chic cakes from the top pastry chef instead of pies after Christmas dinner, often accompanied with PINK CHAMPAGNE …I LOVED DOM PERIGNON (from my first sip with Dorian Leigh) and for my first Paris New Year’s together my second husband Mike and I ate the finest Christmas pastries (thé Mont Blanc from Angelina’s ) and drank pink Dom in bed with extra-large crystal goblets and toasted the fireworks. Amen.

Vicky Tiel

Vicky Tiel is an American born French couturier designing since 1964, when she went to Paris with her partner, Mia Fonssagrives. They created a storm with their miniskirts, hot pants and jumpsuits. Vicky did the costumes for 15 films and in 1975 she sold couture to Henri Bendel’s and 45 leading shops In 2011 she joined HSN TV, wrote her first book “Its All About the Dress” and has written a second book “The Absolute Woman It’s All About Feminine Power” which she recently launched on HSN.

  1. I’ve spent many Christmas holidays in Paris. Thank you for bringing to us the beauty, the light and joy that Parisians bring to enhance the holiday spirit. You are correct they start with amazing architecture and add sophisticated beauty to every street and passage way with the twinkle of lights. Merry Christmas

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