Vicky Tiel’s Paris Street Fashion: Fall Fashion is All About Mixing & Not Matching

The French return to Paris in September, after four weeks of vacation and can’t wait to parade around the Cafe Flore for a meet and greet with their besties in their New Fall Look. I am in Paris every year to observe this. This week I was excited to see the beautiful blond with the top trend, the long gold lame pleated skirt worn with T shirts and tennis shoes or a sporty sandal, out with a casual boyfriend in jeans and a white T shirt. Yes ladies wear your gowns again, cut off your tulle crinolines and your ball gown skirts and wear them maxi length with T-shirts with big letters, and big sayings and big wide belts.

gold pants

The long printed skirt is back with gold accessories that don’t match. The cross over bag is worn shorter than ever crossing right on the breast. The pleated skirt can be in chiffon, lame, ombré and prints or even many pleated pieces sewn together with their points hanging down for a Fashion Gypsy look. In winter a very, very short fur or faux fur jacket will be worn over this to trendy outfit.

Vicky Tiel

More good news ladies, the dress is back. On every street there were more women in dresses and skirts long and mini and dresses sexy and maxi than women in stretch pants, for the first time in years skirts are back with a bang. Save your stretch pants for the gym where they started out.


The fall return party after the month-long holiday in Paris it’s called THE RENTREE. (Yes, EVERYONE in France gets a month long holiday!) On the Rue de Buci its almost a street party. The French love a good party and Buci in the 6th has non stop cafes.


The basic fall look for cool rentrées are the BERET and the SLING bag, worn together in matching colors over coral and camel coats. The skirt length is mostly maxi but leggings and boots are part of the fall mix. The small purse is part of the look and is designed to be worn high across the chest as a statement. This trend is seen in haute couture all the way to the Monoprix.


The camel colored double breasted coat is the coat of the fall season also in faux fur.The new look is the very very long notched collar.


The red crossover bag over white lace top is a shock. Red is the go to color for shoes and bags for black ensembles as well


The red Balenciaga bag is the latest Designers trend to show off their brand and for the client to announce they had spent thousands on a bag. Much like the sixties when we had the hippy movement, I wore large diamond rings to flash around to show I was a RICH HIPPY in spite of my crazy mixed up outfits. Today we have a new “Anything Goes” moment in fashion and women can design from their closets. Just buy the camel and red berets.

Vintage Vicki

The Mix and Not Match fashion weeks in September (while in Nice and Paris) drove me wild and I dressed up like this my last days. Ladies go wild in your closet this season and have some FUN. My dress is an original Vicky Tiel 1970 in haute couture cotton. It’s a Timeless peasant dress and it’s back.

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Vicky Tiel

Vicky Tiel is an American born French couturier designing since 1964, when she went to Paris with her partner, Mia Fonssagrives. They created a storm with their miniskirts, hot pants and jumpsuits. Vicky did the costumes for 15 films and in 1975 she sold couture to Henri Bendel’s and 45 leading shops In 2011 she joined HSN TV, wrote her first book “Its All About the Dress” and has written a second book “The Absolute Woman It’s All About Feminine Power” which she recently launched on HSN.

  1. Casual style that provides the opportunity for the individual to pick and choose from their existing wardrobe while adding fresh new elements. Ms Tiel’s photos show consistent styling across designers/retail outlets. Interesting trend.

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