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On Tuesday night I sat down to read the latest Bazaar. This is very unusual for me to be able to read a magazine the same day it arrives, but life is slow! The cover attracted me. A beautiful photograph of Drew Barrymore, who I must say has been cleaned up very well these days. There also wasn’t very much lettering on the cover so that made it all the more appealing. The mailing label is still a spoiler! Inside I found a wonderful article about Ralph Rucci and his current muse Deeda Blair. Just recently I spotted this duo at La Grenouille in a corner table enjoying dinner….they really are good friends. Looking at this incredible woman makes you want to let your hair go gray. Well, back to the magazine….I was passing through the pages and about to get to the editorial section, where I expect it to be,and wham 26 pages of quote “promotion”. Why not call a spade a spade, it is advertising. Why not put this special section that manufacturer’s bought into with fewer dollars in the front or the book. And not where we are teased into thinking it is editorial….”The It List” is not my Bazaar.

There was also in my mailbox the April In Style. Is anyone else tired of seeing pictures of the gowns worn at the Academy Award Ceremony. We have seen these pictures on TV the night of, then in every news and magazine format show the morning, day and week after and the again in every newspaper for at least a week and then again in most of all the weekly gossip magazines for the next couple of weeks. I could probably sew those dresses from memory by now. So when In Style shows them again so long after the event, I want to say enough! Those gowns are already at retail probably. I did like the “166 Best Beauty Buys”.

And speaking of repetitive coverage……I am really tired of the Chanel trench with the tweed trim. Can’t someone find another item that is newer than that item that has literally been in every editorial since it hit the runway. I loved it the minute I saw it, but enough.

-a well known fashionistas



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