FGI Celebrates Ashley Longshore During Women’s History Month

Stylist Gab Saper & Fashion Reporter, Former Womenswear Designer and Manhattan Realtor Stacy Lomman – photo by Frank Rocco

New Yorkers finally tasted spring yesterday as temperatures soared into the 70s. It was perfect weather for sipping sparkling rosé at a SoHo gallery. Last evening, The Fashion Group International celebrated Women’s History Month with pop artist Ashley Longshore at her new gallery on Crosby Street.

 Artist Ashley Longshore and Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo – photo by Frank Rocco

Longshore is known for her vibrant painting style, her focus on Hollywood glamour and pop culture, and her irreverent humor which is most conspicuous in her unencumbered cheeky self-portraits.

Inside the artist’s gallery – photo by Frank Rocco

In 2019 Longshore debuted ROAR: The Mighty Women Collection that featured 23 paintings of iconic figures in such areas as art, politics and philanthropy. Longshore expanded the collection over the next five years to 72 canvases of the world’s most remarkable women including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Jackie Kennedy, Diane von Furstenberg, Gloria Steinem, Mother Theresa, Frida Kahlo and Lady Gaga.

The crowd applauds the artist – photo by Frank Rocco

Longshore says, “The allure of continuing this collection isn’t about the beauty or fame of these women. It is how they handled adversity and remained true to themselves always. That is the spirit that I want to capture.” Wherever you turned at last night’s event, you would be greeted by one of these colorful, famous women.

From left to right: Maryanne Gris, Fern Mallis, Ashley Longshore, Veronica Webb, Teri Agins, Linda Fargo – photo by Frank Rocco

Dressed in a prismatic coat made of cut-out paper flowers paired with hot pink opaque tights and pink platform Pradas bejeweled with tiny crystals, Longshore’s bold personality and love for fashion were on full display. She posed for photos alongside FGI’s President Maryanne Grisz and co-hosts for the event, including fashion icon and creator of New York Fashion Week Fern Mallis, supermodel Veronica Webb, author and fashion journalist Teri Agins, and Bergdorf SVP and Presentation Director Linda Fargo.

Longshore welcomed the crowd to her dynamic space and choked back tears when she said it had always been her dream to have a gallery in SoHo. She quickly regained her composure settling back into her bubbly, frisky self and followed with a shout of gratitude. “Thank you for loving art, thank you for loving creativity, and thank you for loving F*@%ing Fashion!”

 Left to right: Teri Agins, Marylou Luther, Nicole Fischelis – photo by Frank Rocco

A portion of all art sales will go to The Ashley Longshore Excellence in Arts Award providing non-restrictive grants to creatives. This year, the award will go to a female artist from an underrepresented community. For art inquiries contact: sparkles@ashleylongshore.com.

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