Vicky Tiel’s Fashion Journal: Monte Carlo Rediscovered, ANYTHING GOES!

Monte Carlo
Photos: Vicki Tiel

The Monte Carlo Yacht Harbor, just before the annual late September Yacht Show, has 3 billion euros worth of yacht’s on display. Many regular visitors prefer to stay on yachts in the harbor than stay in hotels. Why not, if you flew in on your own helicopter you can land it on your yacht.

Beaded dress & shoes

Where in the world do women dress like this in the afternoon? At MERCEDEH BOUTIQUE wearing their beaded silk and lace dresses when they shop and play in Monte Carlo, of course, one of the last vestiges of the Fab Sixties. There, no holds are barred on how you can live, or better yet, Monte Carlo is the town where ANYTHING GOES.

Hotel lobby & Ferrari

I had the chance to work on the costumes of the Hollywood film “Grand Prix” in 1966 and to dress singer, Françoise Hardy. The stars and crew got to live at The Hotel de Paris (built in 1864) for a month and they could drink at Le Bar Américaine where they would be joined each night by gorgeous jet set heartthrob, Gianni Agnelli ( Fiat) and his international beauties.

Hotel de Paris bar and entrance

We shot the movie during the real Grand Prix de Monaco and I learned how the posh world lived when I was massaged (nude of course) on the outdoor balcony spa of The Hermitage Hotel during the race, while our men were in the stands below cheering on their Ferrari’s.

YACHT CLOTHES From the Carre D’or

These auto beauties are still in front of the Hotel de Paris, where you can only park cars if they are worth half a million. The Hotel de Paris has just finished a 4 year renovation for 280 million euros and has the world’s finest couture shopping below, in its own mall, called the Carre D’Or.

Monte Carlo Metropole Mall

The fashions in the luxe underground Monte Carlo Metropole Mall across the street from the Hotel de Paris has the world’s largest 12 ft crystal Chandeliers on all 3 levels. It also has the world’s most expensive items to buy for men, women and children as well as charming cafes and bars to hang out with your friends and discuss your yachts.

Kelly Smitten

My favorite store in the Metropole, where the shoes start at 1000 euros is MERCEDEH. This boutique on the lower level is filled with merchandise smothered with Swarovski crystals that are all hand applied.

The smallest ballerina shoe costs 1000$ and the boots and the back packs cost many thousands. It was there I recently met Kelley Smitten of Beverly Hills and Monte Carlo.

She runs ELITE YACHT CHARTERS. Kelley is a fan of Swarovski diamond shoes from Monte Carlo and has over 50 pairs. Her Private Yacht Trips are only on boats over 150 meters in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

I truly recommend her yacht trips wearing diamond dresses and shoes. Why not! We only live once. Quelle bonne vie! Bravo Kelley!

The Casino de Monte Carlo has the world’s best gambling, where cocktail attire is a must, unlike Las Vegas, (where the attire is mostly tops and shorts). The Casino has been featured in many James Bond films including « Casino Royale » and more recently in «Oceans 12».

There are no pop stars singing, only the sound of money being lost and won. Of all the places in the world I’ve visited, I must say Monte Carlo swings to its own beat. A PLACE UNIQUE.

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